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Facial Cryotherapy

Brief exposure of the skin’s surface layer to ultralow temperatures. In response to the temperature shock, blood circulation is powerfully increased, metabolic processes and cell regeneration are activated. With this procedure you can not only return the face fresh, radiant, rested look and healthy color, but also get rid of warts, moles, papillomas, scars, scales, peeling, rosacea, acne.lays & Onlays

Enzyme peeling

Delicate, gentle and effective cleansing with natural enzymes. With the help of natural enzymes dead skin cells, sebum and impurities are removed and renewal is accelerated. This procedure not only cleanses the skin, but also contributes to its rejuvenation, toning, improving color, elasticity, smoothing fine surface wrinkles.

Spanish chiromassage

A combination of manual influence methods, which improve vascular function, blood circulation, blood microcirculation, lymph flow, stimulate metabolic and regenerative processes, achieve deep cleansing of the dermis from toxins and metabolic products. Thanks to the procedure, emotional relaxation is achieved, muscular tension disappears, the face looks open and relaxed, and the skin looks rested, rejuvenated and lifted.

Facial plastic massage

It relieves tension of mimic muscles, smoothes fine wrinkles, reduces nasolabial folds, eliminates swelling, improves relief and color. With the help of massage techniques lymph flow, microcirculation, regeneration, metabolism, skin tissues are cleared of toxins.

Ultrasonic phonophoresis

The introduction of rejuvenating, revitalizing and firming preparations into the dermis with the help of ultrasound. In addition to cosmetic products, ultrasound waves are used to cleanse, micro-massage, improve blood microcirculation, stimulate fibroblasts and lymphatic drainage. Thanks to the procedure, inflammations are eliminated and the skin is rejuvenated.

Ultrasonic peeling

Deep cleansing of impurities, comedones, dead epidermal cells. Along with cleansing, this procedure tones, improves complexion, stimulates local immunity, metabolism, cell renewal, gives lymphatic drainage effect, makes pigment spots less noticeable.